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Heddon Parish Council

Tree Planting Project

Added at 14:00 on 07 April 2022

This offer is now closed as all of the trees have been sponsored. Thanks to everyone who sponsored a tree

We’ve seen some devastating effects to the trees in our village following the recent storms and some of our villagers have shared their sadness about the trees that have been lost in the Welfare Field, Chare Bank and the Memorial Park.

Trees play a big part in our environment, from our wellbeing to supporting our commitment to climate change. So we have a plan to replant and replace the trees we have lost, but also to plant more!

We’ve had requests for a memorial tree both during the covid pandemic and also as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations and have seen some great examples of trees being used as memorials in other villages.  So we are bringing all of your requests and ideas together for our ‘Tree Planting Scheme’.

Initially we have space for 

5 new trees in the Memorial Park and 5 new trees in the Welfare Field.

We are buying young trees rather than saplings to give them the best start and each tree costs £150.  There are 2 ways that you can support this project.

Sponsor a tree with the option of having a memorial plaque next to your tree £150

Crowdfunding working together to raise funds to replace the trees, give whatever you can afford

£ for £ matched funding - For every £ donated either by Sponsor a Tree or Crowdfunding, the Parish Council will match this amount – so we can replace our trees twice as quickly.

All requests to Sponsor a Tree can be made directly to the Heddon Parish Clerk via cheque – contact or 01661 854583.

If you want to support our Crowdfunding - donations can be made to the Parish Clerk or directly via  bank transfer details available from the clerk