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Heddon Parish Council


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
aircraft noise statement HPC.docx20 February 201913kB
Complaints Policy and Procedure.docx11 December 201817kB
Data Protection Policy 2018.docx02 October 201820kB
Document Retention and Publication Policy 2018.docx02 October 201817kB
Financial Regs Heddon Feb 2022.pdf21 February 2022413kB
Grants and Donations Policy v1.0 Final 2023.pdf09 November 2023173kB
green policy statement.doc10 September 200935kB
Heddon Parish Council Strategic Business Action Plan Draft v.pdf15 December 2022191kB
hpc standing orders 2020.docx17 September 202043kB
Social Media Policy.docx24 May 202127kB
Trees hedges and green spaces policy FINAL 1.pdf21 December 202366kB

Committee Terms of Reference

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Finance Premises Strategic Planning ToR Final v1.0 19062023 1.pdf13 July 202373kB
Planning Applications Committee ToR Final 2023.pdf13 July 202368kB
Staffing Committee ToR Final 2023.pdf13 July 202367kB